HealthDay Privacy Policy

HealthDay websites, including those under the domains and, do not collect any personal information about site visitors.

Information provided by Google Analytics, used to track general information about visitor traffic to HealthDay websites, includes only the Internet Service Provider, browser name, and referring page used by any visitor.

Information about visitors who email technical or editorial questions to HealthDay is retained only as long as is necessary to provide a sufficient reply. This information is used only by HealthDay and is never sold or compiled and offered to any third party.

The only time HealthDay collects any personal information from our web visitors is when they sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter template allows people signing up to check off all diseases and conditions of interest and, by supplying only a personal email address, the newsletter is automatically sent to those who sign up. This is the only way email addresses or personal information is used. HealthDay doesn’t share this information with anyone.