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Health Tip: Manage Political Stress

Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And "More information" links may no longer work. Questions about personal health should always be referred to a physician or other health care professional.

(HealthDay News) -- Political change may be a source of stress and anxiety, research from the American Psychological Association confirms.

About 2 in 3 Americans say concern about the future of their country is a cause of significant stress. Moreover, 57 percent of Americans say they are stressed by the political environment.

The association suggests these strategies to manage stress in times of political change:

  • Stay informed, but recognize if you need to take a break from watching or reading political news.
  • Recognize similar beliefs with others, even if they do not fully share your viewpoints.
  • Get involved in your community.
  • Take care of yourself by eating properly and getting plenty of sleep.

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