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Men and women share a number of similar health concerns. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes are high on the list of potential diseases for both men and women. But a number of other health concerns are more prevalent among men. And some problems are totally unique to men due to their anatomy.

Health Issues Facing Men

Men seem especially prone to accidents, or unintentional injuries. This is the third leading cause of death among men. It's an issue for men that encompasses a variety of factors, including car accidents, falls, drug overdoses, safety problems at home and at the workplace and violence.

Problems with the prostate, a gland located below the bladder in men that makes semen, can also occur. Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer are the three main problems that men can experience related to the prostate gland. Men can also experience unique sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction or low testosterone. Both men and women can become infected with HIV and develop AIDS, but gay men and black men have the highest rates of the disease.

Prevention of Men’s Health Problems

Though some health problems are unique to men, many of the steps for maintaining men’s health are about the same for men as they are for women. These include achieving a healthy weight through good diet and exercise practices, not smoking, avoiding heavy drinking and managing stress. Having a good relationship with a health care provider is also important as this helps to prompt men to get any necessary exams and screenings as they get older.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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